Razr 5G Quick View Display

Stay in the moment. Without even flipping open.



Agency / Year

CXD (In House) / 2020


UI, Visual Design,
Microinteractions, Motion UI

The interactive Quick View Display allows the user to view notifications, make calls, take selfies, reply to messages, play songs, get directions, ask the Google Assistant, and more.

Besides the new Razr foldable form factor, another exciting feature for the user is the new external display and the ability to surface meaningful information and tools to users without requiring to open their phone. In order to create a better experience on such small screen, a new UI should allow the user to focus on one task at a time with intuitive, simple, and highly useful set of features and interactions that bring overall value to device.

This new experience should feel intentionally designed for the space, rather than a larger experience shrunk to fit. The Quick View Display would have to accommodate more functions keeping a premium visual design, polished motion and meaningful interactions. 


"One of my favorite features of the Motorola RAZR 5G is its Quick View display. It has gotten more useful with the second-generation folding smartphone. You can swipe up to respond to the notifications or swipe down to clear them". 

Pocketnow.com, 05 October 2020

With the device closed, the user can dive into rich notifications content and simple functionality, use shortcuts to take action quickly without needing to open the flip. The Home Screen prioritizes glanceable information and inform user about available notifications in their stash through the Notification Bar. Just swipe up anywhere on the home screen to access full notification functionality. Notification cards behavior is consistent with the ones you get on the internal display.

The user can now access favorite apps, reply to texts and notifications, and use Google Assistant without needing to open the phone. These shortcuts are available in two dedicated screens : Communication panel and App panel. The communication panel enables direct dial, direct message, and video shortcuts to contacts of the user's choice while the app panel is user configurable, they will be able to choose which apps they would like quick access to on the Quick View Display.

"During a week of using the phone, I found that I could easily perform 50 to 60 percent of my normal tasks without opening it. That’s great for battery life, but it also offers a far more valuable, less tangible benefit: I found myself using the phone more mindfully". 

PC Mag - Motorola Razr 5G Review, September 14, 2020


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