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App to let users know more about phone's best features

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CXD (In House) 2020


UI, Visual Design, Illustrations,
Microinteractions, Motion UI

Motorola never stop listening to the consumers and are constantly looking for ways to enhance the user experience. One of the new features is the My UX which includes all the great moto experiences, Moto specific apps and customizations, consumers have come to know and love - including Tips.

With Tips users can easily discover all the amazing things their phone can do, whether they just opened up their phone out of the box or received the latest software update. It shows users how to find those time-saving shortcuts, learn about new apps, or get help setting up their device.

To access, the user can use the Moto App or click on the new widgets developed exclusively for Moto Tips. The application brings a series of image and text cards that explain, in a simple and objective way, how to get to know more about the features of your device.

One of the features explained is Selfie with Gesture, which allows the user to take a picture of their face by showing their palm, as it is not always easy to reach the capture button when taking a selfie.


Carmem de Andrade, Tim Mies, Rayza Cavalcante, Vivian Lemes, André Bazante, Rafael Araujo, Leandro Ferreira do Nascimento, Marcos Scarpim, Igor Escodro, Paulo Matuki da Cunha, Rafael Rofner, Wagner de Campos Lima

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