Moto Experiences App

New design for a platform that promotes all experiences of use in Motorola devices.

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CXD (In House) 2019


UI, Visual Design, Illustrations,
Microinteractions, Motion UI

The first principle that guides the Moto app is "Do more with your Moto". The project started to clear the understanding of each experience and enhance the visual design from the old version.

Research sessions identified the need for the app to be more visually attractive, personal and to go beyond what a regular preloaded app can offer. Therefore, the new Moto app is an app that at the same time helps users to find experiences that will change the way they interact with their phones, and delight them with a totally different visual proposal.

The main goal of the app is to educate, respecting the stages of understanding of each user. The first step is to clarify the general app use through different approaches and to engage the user to dive into one feature. The second is to bring more elucidation to each experience, ending with a page devoted to each of them, with explanations, tutorials and animations. With this we respect the learning progress of users and consolidate a visual language for the brand with exclusive illustrations, showing characters on their daily phone use with a storytelling approach.


Tim Mies, Kim Takeuchi, Elisa Vargas, Elena Osado, Lauren Schwendimann, Otávio Campos, Rafael Araujo, Leandro Ferreira do Nascimento, Marcos Scarpim, Igor Escodro, Paulo Matuki da Cunha, Rafael Rofner, Wagner de Campos Lima and Benicio Goulart

Awards & Mentions
People’s Choice - Brasil Design Awards, 2019
Bronze, App Design - Brasil Design Awards, 2019
Illustration Shortlist - The One Club Awards, 2019

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