Branding Critique

The birth of a financial institution engaged with investment in education.

Company name

Bahema Educação

Agency / Year

Freelance / 2017


Branding, Visual Identity

For over 60 years in the financial sector, Bahema is now building an educational investment company based in Brazil.

Aligned with the constructivist pedagogic project and the formation of critical people, this new brand believe that has much to contribute to the scholastic revolution that Brazil is going through.

The new brand approach was undertaken by shifting its business focus and should "reflect the critical thinking and encourages the student to learn" while at the same time incorporating the company's core business which is holding and managing securities for investment purposes.

Inspired by this scenario, I developed the visual concept of Critique, translating not only the commitment to education but also inviting the society to the debate, criticism and the exchange of ideas in a responsible and conscious way. The colon was chosen because is a universal symbol, it's simple and elegant, in addition to possessing relevant meaning and to enhance the main pillar of the brand: an invitation to the critical thinking.


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