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Branding design and packaging for a new sustainable cleaning product line.

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Freelance / 2014


Naming, Branding, Visual Identity

Ciclus is a startup manufacturer that produces liquid and bar soaps made from fruit peels and remains and with no use of dyes.

Due to its natural origin, Ciclus products are committed to the preservation of the environment and to a more sustainable planet. In addition to the benefits to nature, the company is dedicated to delivering a product that is actually beneficial to the skin and more affordable for the consumers.

In order to create a new brand that combines skincare and sustainability, the design approach should be clean and elegant but also vibrant and fun. This new visual approach had to be different from the highly concurred segment of cleaning products in Brazil.

The project started even before any sketch when I started the naming and concept of the brand. Ciclus was chosen, among other options, by the relationship with the word recycle, being the starting point that gave rise to all brand identity. A solid circle, the main element of the Ciclus visual identity, was the way to represent the sustainability of the products where all steps that involve the process of obtaining the raw materials until the disposal of the products are integrated into the production cycle.


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